6th September 2022

WHY MARKET YOUR PROPERTY IN SEPTEMBER? Marketing your home early in September gives a good two-month window to sell your home, before buyer activity naturally begins to tail off at the end of November until the New Year.

If you have a garden or lawn this should still be green and attractive from all that gardening done in the summer! The early weeks of autumn can also still produce warm weather to help entice buyers out to look and help make your property more attractive.

If you don’t have the luxury of a garden, make the most of any cosy features such as an open fireplace or wood burner. If it’s still too hot to get that fire going, pop some candles or fairy lights on the hearth to show how attractive and inviting the space can be. Homes without outside space tend to sell better at this time of year as buyers mindset starts to think of cosy living and the festive period ahead.

Buyers who have been busy with children during the summer months or been on holiday or are now back, giving their full attention to searching for the right property. 

For these buyers with a family securing a home in a desired catchment area before the closing date for application, is another factor that may push buyers to seal the deal in the coming weeks. For Infant, Junior or Primary schools within Brighton & Hove the application deadline is in January and with the additional revised application and proof needed in March. For those with Secondary school age children the deadline is October with an additional revised application deadline in January.

Buyers are often determined to be settled in their new homes by Christmas and this can be an influencing factor at pushing a sale through quickly. However people often use the New Year as a goal, determined to be moved in for a fresh start!

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