29th November 2022

TOP TIPS FOR SELLING YOUR HOME THIS CHRISTMAS With Christmas around the corner, you may be wondering if now is a good time to sell and how best to present your home during the festive period?
As experienced estate agents we have frequently launched and sold properties during December and with a little planning you can present your home in an appealing way to potential buyers. 

First Impressions
Just as you would in the Spring or Summer pay attention to the outside of your property first. Sweep up any fallen leaves on pathways or lawns, trim back any plants or shrubs that need it and replace rotted summer pot plants with colourful cyclamen or winter pansies.
Pay attention to the gutters, it maybe winter but we still get plenty of rain and over flowing blocked gutters may well put off prospective buyers before they even view the inside of your property. If you notice any peeling paint, cracked bay window or roof tiles try to get this fixed as soon as possible. Kerbside appeal still matters even in winter!

To Decorate or Not?
When it comes to the inside of your home it’s absolutely fine to celebrate Christmas with decorations, but a more understated approach is preferable. Try to simplify décor to a classic red and white, neutral silver or gold. 
Try to avoid hanging Christmas ceiling decorations as these can make a ceiling seem lower and reduce the overall feeling of space. Keep floors uncluttered by not displaying gifts around the Christmas tree, no one wants to be tripping up on a viewing. Pop one or two focal pieces on display, such as a natural table wreath with candle or fireplace garland with subtle lighting. A faux tree maybe a good choice if you don’t want to be sweeping up fallen pine needles constantly. Make sure the tree you choose doesn’t take up all the available space either or your lounge may feel small and overcrowded.

Cosy and Warm
With the cost-of-living crisis it may be tempting to switch off all lighting in an unused room but a well-lit room with additional lamps can create an appealing cosy atmosphere to potential buyers. It’s the same situation with the heating, try to keep the property temperature between 18-20 °C in preparation for the viewing. 
Let’s not forget about how your property smells, the old trick of popping on a brewing coffee is a classic but why not add some festive aromas such as cinnamon, gingerbread, pine or clove from a lit candle or plug in air freshener.

Be Economical and Environmentally Friendly
Swap your Christmas lights to LED as the cost to power incandescent lights can be up to 90x greater than powering LEDs. You could also program your lights with timer switches to reduce the total amount of time they are on. Think about changing your home lights to LED as well, because they are considered the best value lighting solution, saving energy and dramatically reducing your lighting bills.

By presenting your home this way it allows potential buyers to imagine themselves celebrating Christmas in your property instead of being overwhelmed by it.
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