9th March 2022

We love helping you move every season, but statistics suggest that the period between February and June is the best and fastest time to sell your home! The sooner your house is on the market, the more chance you’ll have to attract springtime buyers, so we thought we’d list a few reasons why now the perfect time to get moving:

Positive Planning
The Spring season is perfect timing for your calendar as you’re not busy with the summer holidays just yet and the Christmas/New Year celebrations seem a distant memory.  Buying a home is not an impulse purchase and some buyers need ample time to review their options and feel they’re making an informed, smart decision before submitting that offer. You can firm up your moving plans and start to look for properties yourself too.
Longer Days And Better Weather
After the clocks change, people can view your property whilst the sun is still shining, by making the most of the increased daylight hours. They are also more inclined and inspired to get out and view properties when the weather is good.
Maximise Your Kerb Appeal
You will not only be selling your home but also showcasing your outdoor space and kerb appeal is key. Your home looks its best in spring, better than at any other point in the year with the garden blossoming and the sun shining through your windows.
Showcase A Better Looking Home
Put that that extra boost of energy you’ve get from those increased daylight hours to a positive and productive use by getting spring cleaning!  It’s time to polish up your home, clean the carpets, touch up paint work, and generally spruce up your property. You want to be ready for the springtime wave of enthusiastic buyers, who are motivated at this time of year. 
It’s A Perfect Time For Families Who Want To Move Before The New School Year
Families who are hoping to buy tend to pick springtime as the best time to look at homes because they can get the transaction started in time to complete just after the school year is over. This won’t disrupt school for the children and will also give them some time to get settled into their new home before the school year starts again in September. 
Moving Day Is Easier
Who wants to move when there is snow on the ground? So, the more cooperative the weather can be the better it is when it comes to moving boxes and furniture from one home to the next. Also, most people prefer to move during the summertime when their schedules slow down and buyers are definitely considering this when they figure out their own timelines for moving.
Summer Chilin
If you plan your move in the spring, you should be in your new home in plenty of time for the summer. If you are lucky enough to have a garden and your new one needs some renovating this will be the perfect time to spruce it up a little.  You can then look forward to inviting friends or family over to enjoy a glass of something chilled, share a delicious BBQ and relax in the sun in your new garden!

Even in markets that are regular throughout the year, spring offers advantages that sellers cannot argue with and ranks as one of the best seasons in which to sell a property. If you are hoping for a quicker sale at a time when properties often sell for a higher price and there are plenty of eager home hunters out and about, contact us today to arrange your property valuation.

If you would like more information or discuss your next move, please contact us on 01273 721061, email: sales@dean-property.co.uk