10th May 2022

HOW TO MOVE ON FROM THE HOME YOU LOVE You may have lived in your home for a long time, forged many memories and raised your family there, so thinking about leaving can be hard. Dealing with the emotional attachment to your home before you decide to sell can help you realise your goals and achieve the financial result you need.

Are you ready?  
Make sure you are truly ready to sell; maybe you have no choice but to, which can be even more emotionally challenging, so try to get as much support as possible from friends and family. Acknowledge that selling your home can also be stressful, but moving is an inevitable part of life, and your estate agent is there to make it easier for you. Advice about the value and marketing of your home or suggestions about how to stage your home are strategies a good agent will discuss with you. If you recoil at such suggestions, it may be a sign you may not be 100 percent ready to move, so take the time to really think is now the right time? 

Think positively about the future
No matter the reason for selling in the first place, think about what you’ll gain afterwards. If you are upsizing, think of all the extra space you will have to enjoy with your family in your new home. If you are downsizing, think of the extra money you’ll be able to save or pay off other debts. If you are relocating imagine your new life, meeting new friends, being closer to other family members or being part of a new community. Taking the time to reflect on how the house has served its purpose is good but you must accept that you are letting it go to move on to the next.

See yourself as a home seller not the homeowner
Your home may be your biggest financial asset and investment so adapt your attitude to thinking of your home as a commodity to get the maximum return from.  You have loved living in your home so it’s right to assume that others will too, by thinking of yourself as the ‘home seller’ and no longer the ‘homeowner’ you will gain a more objective attitude towards the sales process.

Depersonalise your home
By starting to depersonalise your home, you will gradually start to feel that your house is less like your own. Removing family pictures, trophies, ornaments and any clutter will help potential home buyers to imagine themselves in your property. Changing decoration to a more neutral paint pallet can be beneficial to selling your home, but also help you to detach yourself from your home. Starting to pack some items early and living in an environment that is at least a little different to normal should allow you to begin to think of new possibilities ahead.

Home is where the heart is
Moving home can be an exciting experience, and the thought of creating a new happy home can help you to move on. Remember that home wherever you may be is created by the people that live with you or the family and friends that visit. Creating new happy memories is not dependant on your existing home, but you will carry forward precious memories of your old home and the people that are important to you.

Take something from your old home with you when you go
Take the time to walk through your home and revisit old memories, then take a piece of your home with you so you can begin the transition into the new home with a piece of the old. How about taking seeds or cuttings from your favourite garden plants and then plant them in your new garden if you have one? An alternative idea can be to take photos of your favourite areas of your home, the garden, the lounge, or bedroom, if not make a short movie or write about your favourite memories while living there. 

Throw a farewell party to say goodbye to your old home
When you’re leaving a home that you love, you’re likely also to be leaving people you love. A farewell party is a wonderful way to celebrate your home one last time alongside everyone who made it such a great place to live. It could be a family get together, a close group of friends or most of the neighbourhood but it does give an opportunity to say goodbye and help to further disconnect you from your old home so you can begin to mentally prepare to move and hand over those keys.

Instruct a reputable, dependable estate agent you can trust
Instructing the right estate agent to help you through the selling process is crucial, they will be responsible for marketing your property, showing your home in the best light on viewings, negotiate offers and guide you throughout the transaction. Be honest with your estate agent about how difficult this move maybe for you and your family; an experienced agent will have dealt with similar situations before and will be able to offer guidance every step of the way. They also have the knowledge of how to ensure both your financial and emotional wellbeing are ensured by maintaining an emotional detachment and working together with you to achieve your goals for selling. 

Don't live in the past - look forward to what's ahead!
At Dean & Co we’re dedicated to helping you through every step of the moving process so that you don’t have to go through your move alone. Rather than focusing on it being an unhappy time, celebrate the home you’re leaving, and plan on building special memories in your new home.

The Dean & Co Team
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